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Co-Founder & CEO

Liane Hart, MS

Liane is an expert in the animal health industry.  She has designed and led successful multi-million dollar global product launches, portfolio strategies, new business development, in-market planning, and is also well versed in regulatory affairs.  The majority of her accomplishments are in equine and companion animal, but she is also very proficient and skilled in the beef, dairy and swine markets.  Likewise, she continues to have outstanding achievements as a Thoroughbred Racehorse Assistant Trainer and Breeder as well as the Owner and Manager of Cedar Brick Farm in Greenfield, IN.

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Co-Founder, Chief Legal Officer, Head of Business Development and Strategy

Clint Vranian, JD, MBA

Clint has devoted his career to building and strengthening global companies in R&D, manufacturing, the sale of cutting edge science and technologies and in the creation of new business solutions  and new businesses.  He has worked extensively in the animal health and agriculture industries and is also the President of Strategic105 Consulting.


Inventor, Co-Founder, & Technical Development Advisor

Hadi Shafiee, PhD

Hadi is Head of the Shafiee Lab and a faculty member at the Engineering and Renal Division of Medicine and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School.  His area of expertise is integrating biology and medicine with micro- and nanotechnology within the areas of both infectious disease and fertility.  His work has been recognized by some of the major news outlets including CNN, theguardian, Boston Globe, CBS News, STAT, New York Times, etc.


Co-Founder, Chief Financial & Marketing Officer

Darrell Klug, MBA

Darrell is an expert in business to business and consumer marketing.  During his 20-year career in animal health, he has built portfolios and launched products in both the production and companion animal segments globally.  He is passionate about understanding customer insights, and using these to uncover the motivations driving customer action.  In addition, Darrell owns The Old Mill of Guilford, a 250 year old grist mill that sells and distributes baking products throughout the U.S.



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Financial Advisor

Brian Kopp, MBA

Brian provides CFO level insights and leadership to startups, transforming businesses, and investors seeking to better understand and prosper in Animal Health. Brian's current and past companies include Purdue Foundry/Elevate Ventures, ILTG Consulting, Stonehaven Consulting AG, Elanco Animal Health, Eli Lilly & Co., and General Motors.


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