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First and only automated sperm morphology device using Artificial Intelligence for Morphology


FERTILE-EYEZ    is a new cloud-based mobile health (mHealth) technology that provides an immediate animal-side sperm quality check by rapidly analyzing Morphology, Motility, and Concentration using image recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It is the first true AI fertility device in the animal health industry.  It is highly accurate and correlated with current gold standards.  

It is like having a skilled lab technician and microscope in the palm of your hand.

This tool removes all subjectivity of sperm analysis since the person reading the sample is completely removed and it no longer requires someone to send samples to a lab or a different part of the farm for analysis.  

The three major components of semen quality – morphology, motility, and concentration – are extremely important in animal breeding and can be often under analyzed due to labor shortage or ability to have the right machine in the right location at an affordable price.


This amazing technology has already been developed for humans to improve the user experience by allowing sample testing at home versus in-clinic.  It has also recently been proven in boar studs.


FERTILE-EYZ is the technology that can bring semen validation into the 21st Century and be the future platform for industry standards that provides IMMEDIATE, ACCURATE results ANYWHERE you need it!



Chosen to present at the Animal Health Investment Forum ​

Pitch Competition in 2018.​

Event is for early stage entrepreneurs in the animal health ​

and nutrition industry to present their vision and business ​

plan to an audience of venture capitalists, investment ​

firms, and animal health. Held in Kansas City.​

Chosen to present pitch video at the THRIVE Accelerator ​

Program VI in 2019.​

They support seed stage startups from all areas of the ​

value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more​

efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.​

Chosen to present at the Central Regional Pitch ​

Competition in 2019.​

They offer promising startups, preferably engaged with ​

Elevate Nexus partnered colleges and universities, the ​

opportunity to secure foundational capital needed to ​

launch their businesses.  Partnered with Purdue Foundry.​

Global Reach

There are strong global patent filings and license barriers to this technology as well as data aggregation and ownership protections.

The FERTILE-EYEZ    technology is originally from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Verility, LLC has the exclusive right to negotiate a worldwide, royalty-bearing license to patent rights in the field of semen analysis for veterinary use.


“A lot can go wrong between the breeder and point of insemination. So, checking [the sample] at the farm prior to use would be a benefit.”​

“The cost of missing a cycle is high. Especially in dairy and swine. Helping to ​reduce that cost is a big benefit.”​

“There is a trend toward measuring everything at the farm level. A tremendous amount of data is being collected and analyzed. But [semen quality] seems to be overlooked, probably because the producer hasn’t had a way to evaluate it. Now they could and it is time to put some focus on it with everything else.” ​

“Taking the subjectivity out of the analysis seems to be a big benefit. Especially ​if there is a way to provide a definite go / no-go recommendation.”​



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