An Advanced Technology Platform for Real Time Precision Data Used In Animal Reproduction 


is a Mobile Sperm Quality Analyzer & Fertility Management Tool All in One


Immediate. Accurate. Anywhere.

FERTILE-EYEZ is a smartphone technology that can provide immediate animal-side sperm testing with your own mobile device providing immediate, accurate readings, right when you need it; the most accurate tool available to breeders.  

This tool removes all subjectivity of sperm analysis since the person reading the sample is completely removed and it no longer requires someone to take samples to a lab or a different part of the farm for analysis.  


FERTILE-EYEZ is the only tool that can analyze sperm motility, concentration and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze sperm morphology…something no other device can do.  This amazing technology has already been developed in humans.


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The Future of Animal Breeding

 This technology is not just about a single reading for sperm health.  It’s a cloud-based technology that has the capability to be a fertility herd management tool.  No other breeding tool can do that.


 There are strong patent filings and license barriers to this technology as well as data aggregation, and ownership extends protections.


FERTILE-EYZ is the technology that can bring semen validation into the 21st Century and be the future platform for industry standards that provides IMMEDIATE, ACCURATE results ANYWHERE you need it.  




Market Interest

This technology was published in the March 2017 issue of Science Translational Medicine and was the featured cover story. 

A number of news organizations covered this story when this technology became public.

This technology was featured at the Kansas City Cooridor Animal Health Forum in August, 2018.

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Global Reach

The FERTILE-EYEZ technology comes out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Verility, LLC has the exclusive right to negotiate a worldwide, royalty-bearing license to patent rights in the field of semen analysis for veterinary use.

Immediate. Accurate. Anywhere.


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